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You’ve come to the right place, whether you’re already familiar with guest blogging or want to get your feet wet for the first time. You may be thinking about why you should guest post in the first place and how it could benefit you as a company and brand. 

Posting on other people’s websites can expand your audience and give more exposure to your business — this is also known as a form of link-building, which helps to improve your website’s visibility when it comes to ranking online. 

Involvement in this type of marketing strategy not only helps increase interest but also generates new ideas on where you can start writing.

If there are reputable sites that accept guest bloggers and feature your expertise, they could eventually drive traffic back towards your website and create brand awareness.

What Should You Write?

Unsure about what you should write about? Here are some broad ideas for you.

  • If you have something interesting to share about Offshore and DMCA Hosting
  • Gambling
  • Casino
  • CBD
  • Technical advancements
  • Articles related to Hosting

Who should write for us?

Here is who should write for FreeOffshoreHosting:

  • If you have Offshore and technical expertise. 
  • If you are well versed in the field of Offshore, DMCA Hosting, adult hosting and anonymous Hosting.
  • If you keep up to date about various advancements in Web Hosting and would like to share your knowledge with our readers. 
  • If you have expertise in the field of web hosting.

Follow this guide to write for FreeOffshoreHosting.

Take a note of what should be considered before you write an article.

  • Make sure your content has the proper structure. 
  • Ensure that your content has been proofread and fact-checked. 
  • Your content should be 100% unique and you have not shared the same content elsewhere. Plagiarism of content will not be acceptable. 
  • We do not accept Press releases and promotional content
  • Your content should not be less than 800 words. 
  • Make sure your content is relevant to our website. 
  • Use of relevant images, video links, gifs is encouraged to add worth to your content. 
  • However, do not use copyright images. 
  • Use tags H2-H4. 
  • Make sure that your content is Search Engine optimized. 
  • Use a unique Title (60 char) and a proper meta description (150-160 characters)
  • Send a proper author bio along with your content.
  • Do not stuff keywords. Write for the users. 
  • Add internal links to content on our website. 
  • No one reads promotional articles. It will benefit neither of us, so please don’t ask us to publish them. 
  • We allow one do-follow backlink to your website, so make good use of it. 
  • Write what you would like to read as a user.

If you have skipped to the end without reading the above points, please scroll up and read them to make sure that your articles are accepted by our review team. 

You can email your well-written article to [email protected] or get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.