5 Best Offshore Hosting Providers- Privacy Friendly [DMCA Ignored]

Best Offshore Hosting providers
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Are you looking for an online presence without letting anyone invade your privacy or restrict your freedom? Offshore Hosting is meant for users like you.

However, most individuals use Offshore Hosting for privacy, freedom of speech, security, etc. Anything that is not commonly allowed and not something that is banned. 

This is when this article will help you. Below is a list of the Best Offshore Hosting providers, all of which have been thoroughly studied and tested. But first, let’s take a little diversion to discuss offshore web hosting and how it works.

What is Offshore hosting?

Offshore Hosting basically means when the servers are located in a far-off country from where the user is actually operating it.

These servers are set up in DMCA ignored countries so that there is no interruption in privacy or freedom, and no one can claim copyright or illegal claims. 

So, without worrying about any takedowns or someone claiming on your website, you can go ahead with Best Offshore Hosting.

Make sure your Offshore Hosting provider has their servers set up mostly in one of these countries-

  • Bulgaria
  • Luxembourg
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

To date, these countries are best held as the best Offshore Hosting providers globally.

5 Best Offshore Hosting Providers in 2022

We derived the best 5 Offshore Hosting providers available globally. And here we are to share that knowledge with you all.

#1. FreeOffshoreHosting

With its establishment in 2010, Free Offshore Hosting reached heights of success, but the company faced a downfall and came up again in the year 2022. And it broke records by being the only company providing FREE Offshore Hosting worldwide. 

Best Offshore Hosting Providers

Now, leaving its mark in the business, Free Offshore Hosting has served customers with satisfaction and complete privacy. 

Key features 

FreeOffshoreHosting is working towards progress, hence offers its customers some remarkable features-

  • Fully DMCA Ignored
  • Pure NVMe SSD
  • Value your Privacy
  • Lightning Fast Support
  • Unrivaled Connectivity
  • Secure Server

Price and Plans 

The only Offshore Hosting provider with free offshore hosting! Let’s look into their plans and pricing-

Why Choose?

The first and foremost reason you should choose Free Offshore Hosting is that it provides its offshore services for Free! Here are some more reasons why you should choose them-

  • Top-level data protection and security
  • WordPress Optimization 
  • Website Backup 

#2. Vicetemple 

In the field of making the adult industry common and allowing easy entry for the users to create adult websites since 2016, Vicetemple Hosting is the one-stop solution for all users who want to work in the adult industry. 


They hold two ISO certificates: ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. Their servers are located in the vice city of Amsterdam. 

Key features 

Enjoy some fantastic features or tools (according to Vicetemple-toys) with Vicetemple hosting-

  • Fully secured servers 
  • Complete privacy and anonymity 
  • Can handle a lot of traffic 
  • 24/7 Customer Support 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee 
  • Automated Backups

Price and Plans 

Here is a screenshot of the cheap Offshore Hosting plans provided by Vicetemple Hosting-

Why Choose?

If you are looking to host an adult website or work in the adult industry, Vicetemple can be ideal. Apart from this, Here are some more reasons to opt for Vicetemple Offshore Hosting-

  • Welcomes Adult Content
  • Supports Artistic Freedom 
  • Ensures all the tools you need 
  • Adult SEO and Web Designing 

#3. AbeloHost 

Working under Dutch law, AbeloHost Offshore Hosting has been operating since 2012 to provide exceptional services to its customers. They offer state-of-the-art equipment and the most secured streaming to its users. 

AbeloHost Free offshore Hosting

Their servers are in the Netherlands and have now grown to Amsterdam, with free customer support available 24/7. 

Key features 

We came across AbeloHost, and their features made us stop on the way. We have listed their features for you to look upon-

  • FTP access
  • DNS administration
  • Data security
  • Web file manager
  • Backup
  • Graphic statistical analysis of log files
  • Free SSL Certificates

Price and Plans 

With SSD technology, AbeloHost is providing SSD Pro plans-

Why Choose?

With the option to have a dedicated IP with your Offshore Hosting. AbeloHost gives us various reasons for us to choose them-

  • They also have developer and email features
  • One-click app installation 
  • Various Server Locations 
  • Data Security and Privacy 

#4. Shinjiru 

Protecting the human rights of speech and privacy, Shinjiru Offshore Hosting has established eight server locations globally. They are the most experienced Offshore Web Hosting providers working towards success since 2000. 

Shinjiru Best offshore Hosting

Shinjiru Offshore hosting values your privacy and helps you to do things that are not allowed under your jurisdiction unless it is not illegal. 

Key features 

Shinjiru doesn’t lack in providing various key features-

  • 8 Offshore Data Centers
  • 24*7*365 Support
  • High-Speed Network
  • Certified Domain Registrar
  • Identity Protection
  • Impenetrable Security
  • Anonymity in hosting and payment 

Price and Plans 

You can choose the server location according to your choice (we chose Singapore) and amongst the available ones. Your payments can be made by Bitcoins or Crypto, which also makes sure that your payment details remain disclosed-

Why Choose?

With Free Migration services, Shinjiru has been providing users with some best features. Let’s look into various other reasons which make them the best-

  • Uninterrupted Uptime
  • Best safety features 
  • Privacy protection 

#5. Flaunt7

Flaunt7 Hosting provides DMCA ignored hostings with offshore servers to offer clients the best and most secure hosting. 

Flaunt7 Best Offshore Hosting

Stay safe from all DMCA fake complaints, and get the best technical support, free migration, and unlimited traffic. They offer a lot more, let’s move ahead to have a look at them.

Key features 

Here are some amazing features Flaunt7 offers in its DMCA ignored hosting-

  • NVMe SSD Powered Servers
  • Litespeed Web Server 
  • Next-gen AMD Processors
  • MySQL 8
  • DDoS Protection

Price and Plans 

With various server locations, Flaunt7 provides the best DMCA Ignored Hosting at cheap rates-

Why Choose?

With data protection from all attacks and fake complaints, Flaunt7 has various reasons to be the most trusted DMCA Ignored hosting provider-

  • 30 days money back return 
  • Award-winning support 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Offshore Hosting 

You should always consider the boons and banes before entering into that thing. It is not easy to work anonymously, and to ensure that your identity is private from every end, look into the smallest of factors that can risk it. Here are some points that you should consider in your Offshore hosting provider to have them-

  • Server Location to Be Aware Of

You can still be charged or claimed in countries you know ignore DMCA. Be aware and choose accordingly because you never know who will find a loophole and attack your website at any time. 

  • Research your host’s location

Before committing, do some research about your host’s location. Spend some time investigating the offshore places you’ve chosen. Most jurisdictions differ significantly in terms of legal framework and tolerance.

  • Checking the Industry

Various industries have their own norms, similar to exclusive jurisdiction laws.

Internal laws may obstruct your ability to carry out your business processes as planned.

  • Privacy

Ascertain that ‘anonymity’ claimed by the offshore hosting providers is genuine and not a marketing strategy. No revelation of normal or personal information should be involved if this is the case.

  • Payment

To stay secretive, opt for a cryptocurrency payout. Do not go on with normal currency or bank transaction payments while purchasing an Offshore Hosting because that will kill the objective of being anonymous. 

Why is offshore hosting expensive?

With the availability of the servers out in another country, the staff and clients of the web hosting provider are always in a run—also the costs of maintenance and types of equipment. 

Installing servers in another country as well as providing top-notch services acquire money. And the web hosting companies invest a lot in it, which eventually makes Offshore Hosting not free or expensive for the users.

Though there is an exception in every case, FreeOffshoreHosting is providing Offshore hosting for free!

Why Would You Need Offshore Hosting?

To ensure anonymity and privacy while working on the web, you can need one of the Best Offshore Hosting.

Here is a list of things you can do only under Offshore Hosting, and that is why you should choose it-

  • Freedom of Speech 
  • Taxation 
  • Anonymity in payments and address 
  • Uploading explicit content 
  • To avoid the rules and regulations of your local place.

How to keep Hosting Details Anonymous

Assure that your web hosting provider doesn’t reveal your identity. While giving information about your identity, ensure that you go for “Domain Privacy+ Protection,” which costs you money but makes sure that you remain anonymous. 

There is also a second option. You can go to Cloudflare choose the privacy option to conceal your identity. 

Get started with Best Offshore Hosting Providers

So, what are you waiting for? To work with freedom and privacy, choose Best Offshore Web Hosting to excel in your business. 

We discussed some Best anonymous offshore hosting providers and why they are the best. It is strongly advised that you safeguard your identity remains protected at all costs. 

We hope you got all the necessary information. Lastly, feel free to ask us anything you want because we’ll be happy to answer your queries!

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